Mental illness is real!

June 23, 2015

Black lives matter

Divas and Divos, today I am going to share something that’s heavy on my heart. The senseless killing of 9 people who were in prayer service in South Carolina. Not one of those innocent people chose to be black, but they all chose to praise God and despite what the killer thought, he didn’t succeed in causing them or their family to doubt the Lord. Even the family members who confronted him at his arraignment each repeated the words “I forgive you.” How powerful is that is the middle of their pain and mourning?

You know a lot of people often bring up my criminal past and for any others who may have a record, it is often used against you forever – which to me just isn’t fair. Someone who makes a mistake can turn their lives around. I know I did and so did many others. But to me, the real issue isn’t a person’s criminal background, it’s their mental background! As long as you’re in your right mind, you can think rationally and make logical decisions. But if you’re mentally ill, then all things rational go out the window.

I have mentally ill family members, and if they don’t take their meds, there is no telling what they are capable of doing. I bet most of us can say the same thing, or maybe we have mentally ill friends/family and no one ever truly diagnosed their problem, so they are not on meds. You just know there are times when they are a bit off. We have to change this because only a sick mind would kill 9 people in cold blood, even after they had been so welcoming to him – merely because his hatred wouldn’t let him see them as human.

I say stop being so worried about a criminal past, especially if the person has shown and proven they have changed their life. Let’s start talking about mental illness and the importance of knowing about the importance of mental stability. If someone seems pretty extreme in their views, or talks about hurting others for no valid reason, don’t ignore it like his family and friends did. Had any one of them spoken up, there might not need to be nine funerals and the loss of these God loving people who welcomed in a stranger without question only to be gunned down.

The most important thing a person must control is their mind. I encourage all of you to make sure you don’t let life’s pressures get you to the point of losing it! The consequences are too severe and once a trigger is pulled the loss of life cannot be replaced.

It doesn’t matter what color any of us are, we are all God’s children. I know this is kinda deep for me ya’ll… but my heart goes out to these families and sometimes, you have to speak up and say something. I love the glamorous life, but there is nothing fashionable about going to funerals.