T-Shirt Explanation

May 23, 2016

Divas and Divos…

I want to apologize for the insensitivity of my actions in wearing the confederate flag t-shirt, and I want you to know the full story behind my decision. It won’t excuse my behavior, but maybe it will put why I did it into perspective.

Here’s the short version… While in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee one of my friends needed a swimsuit so we stopped at a store. Once inside, I honestly have never before been so aware of my “blackness” or the hatred of others towards me, but in this moment we were all very aware and it made me both uncomfortable and angry.

The store was full to the brim with merchandise bearing the confederate flag and other items that seemed to promote racial intolerance. Upon entering, we were very aware that we weren’t necessarily welcomed. The energy and vibe from the other patrons and employees was unmistakeable. I was honestly livid, but it wasn’t really the time or place to act out, so the rebel in me decided to make a statement. I was going to take that symbol of hatred and wear it (and I wore it well, I might add!) – in the hope it would upset them as much as they were trying to upset us. So I got the shirt that said “I love my redneck boyfriend” because I thought it would piss them off. I was angry, impulsive and thoughtless. But ya’ll know me… you know I’m rebellious. You know I go against the flow. You know I hate the idea of someone looking down on me and at that moment I wasn’t going to let that flag or those rednecks think they had intimidated or belittled me in any way.

No, it didn’t occur to me that wearing it and posting it was going to hurt so many people because of again, what that flag symbolizes. I did not do it to get attention or publicity. I did not do it to show solidarity with hate filled people. I refused to let that flag take my power and I felt by wearing it, they would know it had no power over me or over us as a people. So I sincerely ask you all to forgive me. It was not cute or funny and I promise I didn’t mean for it to be.

You all know how transparent I’ve been with my life and experiences, good, bad and ugly. You know I love fashion and yes, I did make that shirt rock with my outfit! But that wasn’t the point either. I acted out of impulse, was all in my feelings and let my anger get the best of me. For that, I hope you will forgive me.

Well the lesson I learned from my poor judgment is that I can’t just jump into pissing people off. I really need to look deep to find out if there will be other casualties in the carnage from my anger.

I sincerely never meant to hurt or disrespect any of you. My fans and followers mean the world to me and I am very sorry.