Why Glam It Up

June 3, 2012

Why Glam It Up_

Of course you all know what Foster Care means to me – where I went at age 11, later finding a family that took me in and treated me as their own.  But I may not have talked about those experiences and why it still matters to me now.

It is hard to describe coming into a home with strangers and being a child, innocent, not in charge of yourself, and dependent on people you do not know.  As with me, it sometimes takes time to find the right Foster home.  It was only after the fourth one that I found a true home.  Not everyone takes in a child and is able to treat them as if they are their own.  I was sometimes treated as an outsider, at one home, I was not even allowed a house key.  And since you are often in Foster Care, for a brief period, you may not be taught the life lessons that you will need when you are on your own.

Foster care, can also be the first time that you feel truly loved and cared for – like having my foster mother come to school meetings and being there for me in every part of my life.

I founded my Glam It Up series because I know what is missing in a young girl’s life, when she is not with her own family, and I know how easy it can be to forget to believe in yourself and to dream.  As best I can, I want to try to fill in these gaps and help young girls dream.

I can tell from all of your kind messages, that your hearts are in this as well and that you share the spirit of Glam It Up.  That too, inspires me…