He put a ring on it!

May 29, 2015

I know I’m late Divas and Divos,


But I just got back from the wedding of Mr. and Mrs.  Mendeecees and Yandy Harris this past Memorial Day and yes, it was awesome. The bride wore two beautiful dresses and her smile that lit up the room was her best accessory. The room decor was stunning, the place was filled to capacity with family, friends and well-wishers. It was obvious these two are in love. Kudos to them!

Yandy and Mendeecees - The  Wedding


I often share my relationship advice with you to help you all learn from my experiences so I got a little relationship tea I want to spill… After attending many weddings I know this one thing to be true, if a man is truly serious about you and your future together, his words will mirror his actions. In this case, Mr. Mendeecees proved he is a man of his word when he put a ring on it and then followed up with the words “I do!”

Mendeecees and baby
Sometimes we women believe that if we have a baby, the man will stay or we will always be special to him. That’s not true on most days – so let’s give up that idea. Many baby-mamas find themselves permanently in the position of “mother, but not wife” only to watch their man walk down the aisle with someone else. I won’t say Yandy was lucky, because she found her soulmate and they knew they would make it official – so I say to you, make sure You’re official before the baby. If he likes it, he Will put a ring on it! You’re worth it.

The bride

Short and sweet divas and divos. Til next week!